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The dragon's blood that saved her had one little side effect...

…it turned her into a vampire.

Romance author Leslie Love always wanted to be number one at something, and the Readers' Cruise was her chance to finally make that big splash.

Then she fell into the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, with her life hanging in the balance, she needs a miracle to save her from death's icy grip.

Enter Alistair McLeod, a handsome dragon-shifter, who shouldn't exist.

But he does. And his blood is her salvation...only now she's counted among the living dead.

Marked and hungry, Leslie awakens as an unwilling vampire and new member to the Order—the supernatural security force for a secret society of the shadow world.

And things only get worse for Leslie when women end up drained, their bodies mangled by a vampire's bite, and she becomes the Order's top suspect. And their next target...

Readers who enjoy a kick-butt, seasoned heroine's tale of slow-burn romance, delicious intrigue, and thrilling paranormal adventures will love the lore, magic, and mystery of this fast-paced urban fantasy.
Once Bitten
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