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A kind-hearted Nevadan cowboy is roped into becoming a matchmaker for a lonely widowed British duke's daughter.

Lady Charlotte is left wealthy by her deceased husband, a British Marquess, but over the past lonely year, she's learned she cannot tell the difference between the true gentlemen who pursue her, and fortune-hunting rogues. When she hears of Laurel Bellamy's wedding, Charlotte worms an invitation out of her former step-son and his wife, Laurel's sister, to travel to America with them to attend. But she quickly learns she isn't wanted.

For the past year, Robert Bellamy's been working part-time as one of his pa's cowhands, and the rest of his time he's caring for his brother's horse ranch—until Charlotte asks him in confidence to be her matchmaker. She's young and breathtakingly beautiful, and he likes to believe that he always does his best. Right now, Charlotte is in desperate need of a friend, and he will make it his priority to be that friend while she's here, and to find her a husband.

When Robert finds himself secretly hoping Charlotte doesn't like the gentlemen who wish to court her, his feelings change from a friend to something deeper. Could it be love?
Charlotte; the Duke's Daughter
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