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Learn more about World War II Battles - whether you are preparing for the History Test, a college final, or even if you simply desire to learn more about world history. Features
Fully illustrated with maps, schemes, and photographs Search for the words or phrases Navigate from Table of Contents or read page by page Add Bookmarks Text annotation and mark-up Access the guide anytime, anywhere - at home, on the train, in the subway. Use your down time to prepare for an exam. Table of Contents Timeline of World War II
Battles of 1939
Battles of 1940
Battles of 1941
Battles of 1942
Battles of 1943
Battles of 1944
Battles of 1945
Appendix - Winter War, Second Sino-Japanese War Battles of 1941 Battle of South Henan - Chinese Nationalists led by Li Zongren defeat Japanese. Battle of Shanggao (March 14 - April 9) - Chinese victory. Battle of Cape Matapan March 28 - British Royal Navy task force defeats Italian fleet. Battle of Greece (April 6 - April 24) - Germany takes the Balkan Peninsula after Italian Stalemate. Battle of South Shanxi (May 7 - May 27) - Japanese victory in China. Battle of Denmark Strait May 23 - Bismarck sinks HMS Hood Sinking of the Bismarck May 27 - Famous German Battleship is lost. Battle of Crete May 20 - June 1 - German paratroopers capture Crete, suffer many casualties. Operation Barbarossa June 22 - German invasion of the Soviet Union Armaments PPSh-41 submachine gun T-34 KV
Encyclopedia of World War II: (WWII) Battles
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